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Electric motorcycles have many advantages over other forms of transport. However, making the switch can take some getting used to and knowing where to start comes with its own set of questions. This page answers the most common questions about riding electric and explains how a Maeving fits into everyday life.


The distance you can travel on a vehicle is a crucial consideration when you're in the market. Here we break down what range means, what impacts it, and how to maximize it.


    A key aspect when on the market for an EV is range, but what exactly is it and how do we measure it?

    Range is the maximum distance a vehicle can travel. In the context of an electric vehicle, such as a Maeving, the range is determined by the total achievable distance on a single charge of the battery or batteries.

    It is an incredibly important factor when considering an electric vehicle, as ‘refueling’ can be a challenge due to the lack of charging infrastructure. At Maeving, we champion removable battery technology, which allows you to remove the battery directly from the bike and plug it into a standard socket, taking range anxiety out of the picture.


    The actual range your Maeving will achieve on the road is dependant on several factors.

    Estimating the range of an electric motorcycle can be a challenge, as it is dependent on a variety of individual factors. Variables that affect range include:

    • Extreme temperatures

    • Heavy wind

    • Grade of terrain

    • Rider weight

    • Aggressive acceleration

    • Average riding speed


    To get the most out of your journey, there are several ways to extend the range on your electric motorcycle.

    1. Stay in charge: it seems obvious, but keeping your batteries as close to fully charged as possible before starting your journey will maximize the amount of distance you can cover before needing to stop.

    2. Watch your speed: faster acceleration and driving in an EV result in quicker battery drainage and reduced range. Maintaining lower speeds, easily achieved by switching to Balanced Mode (2) or Range Mode (3), will extend your Maeving's range.

    3. Store your batteries inside: storing them at room temperature is the best way to maintain battery health and optimize their range when next in use. When you charge indoors, you are maximizing range and ensuring the best health for the batteries. Please avoid leaving your batteries in greenhouses or sunrooms, as the temperatures can often reach detrimental levels.



Charging a Maeving is easier than it is for most EVs. We champion removable battery technology, which allows riders to take the battery out of the bike and plug into any standard socket to charge.


    We believe removable batteries are a real gamechanger when it comes to EV ownership in urban spaces.

    The lack of charging infrastructure remains a problem, which is why we equip our electric motorcycles with removable batteries, bypassing the need to plan stops at charging stations or invest in home infrastructure. A Maeving battery features an ergonomic handle for portability and ease of use, enabling you to effortlessly remove the battery from the bike, carry it inside, and charge it from any standard socket.

    A common problem found at a charging station is boredom. What do you do in the time it takes to recharge? With Maeving, because you can charge anywhere, you can occupy your mind with other tasks or activities as your battery recharges. Whether it be watching television, stopping for coffee, working, cooking dinner, or sleeping, you have the freedom to make the most of your time while your battery recharges, not disrupt your day doing it.


    Our Production Team continue to innovate new ways to charge, giving riders adaptive flexibility.

    The Maeving RM1S offers charging flexibility with the ability to charge the bike in two ways: onboard and offboard. Thanks to removable battery technology, riders can charge by removing the batteries and plugging them into any standard socket, providing the flexibility to charge anywhere. Additionally, for added convenience, you can also charge the bike directly from the mains, bypassing the need to remove the batteries. This option is particularly useful for residents of high-rise apartments.


    There are several ways to ensure your battery remains in good health, boosting performance and lifespan.

    Every battery has a finite lifespan. However, by riding smoothly, adopting good charging practices, and storing your battery appropriately, you’ll be able to maximize your battery lifespan.

    Frequently recharging your battery ensures good health, and it is not advised to constantly let it drop to 0%. Try to keep the batteries between 20-80% for as much time as possible. Avoid storing the battery in extreme temperatures – ambient temperature (59°F to 80.6°F) is perfect. And, of course, try not to damage the batteries by dropping them or knocking them into walls.



We are on a mission to spread the joy of riding an electric motorcycle to as many people as possible because we believe they are a faster, cleaner, and more enjoyable way to get around town.


    Switching to an electric two-wheeler makes sense for lots of reasons, but riding a motorcycle has always been — and will always be — fun. There’s nothing like zipping through the city on a machine that responds to every subtle command, and a Maeving is so simple to use that it can’t be anything but fun.

    With a Maeving, you can make a positive change and help the planet without feeling like you’re making a sacrifice. Our motorcycles come with their own distinct charm, making the smart option and the fun option one and the same.


    On average, people in Los Angeles lose nearly 10 days in traffic a year, nearly double the national average. One of the most effective ways of stopping this is by hopping onto two wheels, and Maeving motorcycles offer the fastest, cleanest, and most enjoyable way to get around the city.

    With a lightweight frame and smooth acceleration, riding a Maeving allows you to easily navigate through heavy traffic and reduce your travel time. In fact, one of the major benefits of riding a motorcycle is that you can travel on your schedule and always arrive where you need to be on time—or even earlier; there’s something so satisfying about beating the Satnav. Dodge the traffic, shrink the city.


    If you can ride a bicycle, you can ride a Maeving. The frame that binds a Maeving is inspired by Board Trackers, essentially souped-up bicycles, which makes our motorcycles lightweight and easy to maneuver. With a simple twist-and-go throttle, you don’t need to worry about gears or a clutch.

    Our mission is to bring the freedom and joy that comes with riding a motorcycle to as many people as possible, and we believe the best way to achieve this is to make our bikes as accessible and approachable as possible. A Maeving motorcycle is the perfect motorbike for new riders and will redefine what it means to travel through your town.



Owning an electric motorcycle saves your pocket and the planet in the long run. A Maeving is easy to maintain, cheap to service and helps to keep our cities quieter and cleaner.


    Charging a Maeving battery is much cheaper than refueling your car or regularly using public transport.

    To charge a custom Maeving battery from zero to hero costs just 60 cents. On a full charge, you can travel up to 40 miles. Both of our motorcycles can accommodate two batteries, giving you a total of up to 80 miles. Covering the US's average commute distance of 20 miles per day will set you back a mere $6 per month in battery charging costs.

    This makes a Maeving bike one of the most economical transport options out there, substantially cheaper than traveling by car or public transport.


    Owning a Maeving stretches your dollar in the long run. It's easy to maintain and economical to service.

    Owning a petrol motorcycle has many challenges—oil changes, faulty spark plugs and clutches, chain tensioning, and regular servicing. A Maeving motorcycle uses a hub motor with a single moving part. No oil, no chain, no petrol, no mess.

    When your Maeving requires expert maintenance, our mobile servicing team brings the convenience of having your motorcycle attended to at a location of your choice—no need to travel anywhere or work with dealerships and garages.


    Reconnect with the world around you and enjoy the peaceful tranquillity of riding an electric motorcycle.

    Motorcycling uniquely links you to your environment in ways you could never imagine. The added tranquillity of riding electric connects you to your surroundings, as you become aware of the gentle chorus of birdsongs and the effervescent buzz of a city under the setting sun.

    A Maeving offers a near-silent riding experience, allowing you to re-engage with your surroundings and help reduce noise in urban areas. The city is your soundtrack, your bike doesn’t need to be.