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When you switch to an electric motorcycle, you’re not just saving time on the road and gas money. You’re also giving yourself the option to see the world in real time and appreciate every journey you make.

But first, you have to learn how to ride. Fear not, we believe road confidence shouldn’t come at a cost, which is why we started the New Rider Program, which reimburses the cost of your California Motorcyclist Training.

Begin Your Adventure

As a brand built on bringing the joy of riding to as many people as possible, we want you to ride.

Through the New Rider Program, we will discount the cost of your California Motorcyclist Training from the value of your Maeving, ensuring you start your journey with confidence.

The California Motorcycle Training course provides hands-on experience to impart the essential skills needed for becoming a responsible, informed, disciplined, and equipped rider.

So, if all that's standing between you and owning a Maeving is feeling confident on the road, now is the time to sign up.

How It Works

1. Book your California Motorcyclist Training.

2. Prior to purchasing a Maeving RM1 or RM1S, send proof of your training and the receipt to We will then provide you with a discount code, subtracting the value of your training from the price of the bike.

3. Complete the final payment and get ready to receive your new motorcycle. 

Disclaimer: If you choose to cancel or return your Maeving, we will refund the price of the bike minus the price you paid for your exam. Limited time offer. Valid from June 1st, 2024.


Getting Your license

California Motorcyclist Training FAqs

How can I find a course nearby?

Visit the California Motorcyclist Training website by clicking here. Here you can discover courses.

Do I need to bring anything?

The locations will provide you with a DOT-compliant helmet. Please arrive with pants, boots, jacket, gloves and eye protection.

What is the duration of the course?

The course typically spans 15 hours over three days. Consult your local training site for scheduling details.

Do I need to bring a motorcycle?

No, a motorcycle can be provided for you if you don't currently own one.


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