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What Makes Maeving Different?

Unlike many young companies, we pride ourselves in prioritizing excellence over rapid growth. Explore why Maeving is different in the electric two-wheeled market.

What Makes Maeving Different?

Unlike many young companies, we pride ourselves in prioritizing excellence over rapid growth. From our industry-leading business model to our considered approach, here are three reasons why Maeving is unique in the electric two-wheeled market.


We are a Direct-to-Consumer manufacturer, meaning we sell our electric motorcycles directly to customers and deliver them right to their door—no more reliance on dealerships. Our bikes are available to order via our website and you can even place an order over the phone if you prefer. And, when your motorcycle requires maintenance, our trusted Maeving engineers will come to you, eliminating the need to plan trips to auto repair shops.

Excellent customer service is at the core of our business. We have a friendly and knowledgeable in-house support team who can provide any assistance you may need. They are available every weekday between 9AM and 5PM (PST) and respond to after-hours contacts on the very next working day. Since we launched in the UK, we've maintained a 5-star customer service rating throughout. This is something we are incredibly proud of. 


Since we launched our first model, the Maeving RM1, to the British public in April 2022, it has become the best-selling and best-reviewed electric motorcycle in the UK. This is something we are immensely proud of.

We have several hundred happy customers on the road in the UK, and a growing community of Maeving riders in Mainland Europe.

From commuters weaving their way through the bustling streets of London to rural residents hopping from village to village, from actors who ride to and from the stage door every day to professionals zipping from the office to soccer training in style. The Maeving community - despite their differences - have one thing in common: they rave about their electric motorcycle and the joy it has added to their journeys.


There are many reasons why California was at the top of our list of places to introduce Maeving in the US. Not only is the California sun perfect for riding, and the prospect enticing due to the high number of EV adopters, but we also pride ourselves on moving with careful consideration.

Every step of your Maeving journey will be handled with excellence. We want to get to know our customers, and we want you to get to know us. Therefore, we will deliver a Maeving to every customer and demonstrate how to use the bike before your first ride. When it needs maintenance, we will service your motorcycle at your door. We believe a journey with Maeving goes beyond the ride. 

It is this considered, hands-on approach that has helped with our success in the UK, and why we are expanding to California only to start. For us, it's essential that, no matter where Maeving riders are based in the world, they are provided with the same excellent service that we have established in the UK.

Charge on.