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Maeving: the ideal second vehicle

A Maeving electric motorcycle offers freedom, practicality, and joy that a car can't provide.

Maeving: the ideal second vehicle

When considering the myriad of daily journeys we embark on, whether it's a quick trip to the grocery store, a visit to the gym, or catching up with friends, relying solely on a car might seem convenient. However, when we reflect on the environmental impact of transporting unnecessary weight and the time we spend stuck in traffic even during single occupancy trips, it becomes evident that there's a need for a more practical and sustainable solution. This is where a Maeving comes into play. 

As the ideal second vehicle, Maeving offers a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to cars for independent errands, morning commutes, and solo journeys. Let's delve into why a Maeving is the perfect addition to your vehicle collection.


A Maeving electric motorcycle is quiet, unlike a lot of vehicles on our roads, meaning you can soak up all the hustle and bustle and background noise that makes a city feel so alive. You’ll feel more connected to the road than you do in a car, allowing for you to experience the patchwork of neighborhoods that make up a city. When you’re not behind the windshield of a car, you begin to notice – and appreciate – your surroundings that much more.

Riding a Maeving is a wonderful way to fall back in love with the city you live in, making everything feel as fresh as it did when you first arrived.


In a city like Los Angeles, where a trip to Venice Beach can easily take an hour in traffic, so much of your day is lost behind the steering wheel. But for those who have ridden a motorcycle before, you’ll know that the city gets a lot smaller on two wheels. 

With a Maeving, you can effortlessly glide past the cars, skipping traffic and cutting your commuting time in half. Zipping in and out of gridlocked traffic – and taking advantage of your state’s lane splitting laws – can put hours back into your day.

Being out in the open air on a nimble, lightweight, and narrow vehicle allows you to stay on top of your schedule and save a significant amount of time on the road.


Let’s face it, parking a car in a city is a nightmare. Most of the time, there’s a lack of adequate lots, and they're usually full. Additionally, the parking fees, particularly in prime locations, can be exorbitant when you’re just trying to grab some groceries or see a friend for coffee. On the other hand, being on a motorcycle makes parking effortless. Due to their narrow frame and maneuverability, motorcycles significantly increase the number of available spots. Better yet, there are numerous dedicated parking spots for motorcycles, often much cheaper or completely free to use.

Overall, owning a motorcycle completely transforms what it means to navigate urban environments. With the ability to swiftly manoeuvre through traffic and easily find parking, motorcycles offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency for city dwellers. So, next time you're grappling with the frustrations of city parking, consider the freedom and simplicity that comes with being on a Maeving. It might just be the solution you've been looking for.


A study presented at the Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles in 2012 highlighted that a shift to one in ten cars being replaced by motorcycles would reduce emissions by 6%. The majority of this reduction was due to the lack of traffic congestion, as opposed to the type of emissions the vehicles were producing. This is an encouraging statistic, but this study was done before Maeving and electric motorcycles in general really existed. Switching to an electric motorcycle is inevitably going to have a far greater positive environmental impact on emissions statistics, as they don’t produce any emissions during travel.

But why choose an electric motorcycle as opposed to an electric car? Well, electric cars are great for reducing emissions but, the problem is, they don’t solve congestion issues. Electric motorcycles offer a solution to this which, if adoption rates grow, would significantly reduce both congestion and emissions. Additionally, a LendingTree study found that most Angelenos travel only 9 miles for their commute. This suggests that a Maeving electric motorcycle could be the perfect option for you to reduce emissions and alleviate congestion during your everyday journeys in the city.


We talk a lot about the practicality of a Maeving, as well as the positive environmental impact of riding electric. Yet, what may be even more important for the human soul is the joy of riding a motorcycle.

It’s the freedom to go wherever you like at your own pace, with traffic becoming nothing but seven meaningless letters. Being able to go from the office to date night seamlessly gives you time back in your day – and a bit of fun while pulling up to the restaurant. It’s time all to yourself during which it's almost impossible to be bothered by anybody else; it's meditation and freedom combined.

It’s time to make journeys fun again. Explore our bikes here.