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Designing the RM1

We designed the Maeving RM1 to redefine urban travel. Here are 5 design features that we believe set Maeving apart.

Maeving Design

Maeving boasts comfortably the most talent-rich motorcycle engineering team in the United Kingdom. Our Coventry-based team consists of the finest motorcycling minds and most dexterous hands East of the Atlantic, and each element of the Maeving RM1 has been created by them with love and attention. Let’s take a ride through the making of the Maeving RM1, the first British-manufactured electric motorcycle.

1. Removable Batteries

This was a dealbreaker for Maeving. The batteries had to be removable. It’s one of the features that sets Maeving apart from most manufacturers and allows us to solve the issue of range anxiety and a lack of charging infrastructure, as well as making the Maeving RM1 extremely cheap to run and maintain. You can remove the battery from your motorcycle and charge it at any ordinary mains socket in your house, from zero to hero, for mere cents. Removable batteries also make the Maeving RM1 an ideal bike for those living in high-rise buildings without access to home charging infrastructure. The solution is simple: take the battery inside, go up the elevator (or stairs if you’re looking for gains), and plug it into a mains socket.

2. Keeping it Light

The Maeving RM1 had to be lightweight. Maeving has kept the RM1 stripped of any unnecessary heavy components, and weighs in at just over 120kg with dual batteries. We were dead set on keeping the weight of the motorcycle down partially to ensure it is a great bike for new riders, providing ultra-easy handling and maneuverability. It’s Maeving’s mission to spread the joy of riding a motorcycle to as many people as possible, and the lightweight nature of the Maeving RM1, as well as its non-reliance on sometimes-non-existent charging infrastructure, means our first model is accessible to people who may have no prior motorcycling experience.  

Another reason we were keen to keep the weight of the Maeving RM1 as low as possible was to accommodate the innovative removable batteries. The batteries weigh 12 kg a piece (you’re saving money on bicep curls in the gym), so keeping the frame down to a mere 98kg (without the batteries) was vital.

3. Style Influences

Our team was influenced by iconic motorcycles of the past when designing the Maeving RM1, chief among those influences being the board tracker era and the café racer era. 

Board trackers originated in the USA, and were essentially bicycles fitted with engines. In the 1910s and 1920s, they were used for racing around circuits made of literal planks of wood, or board tracks, hence the name. Small stadia, sometimes known as motordromes, were built so that audiences could gather to watch the races, the first of these being the Los Angeles Motordrome. Racers would customize their bikes to make them as lightweight and functional as possible.

Café racers were the favored mode of transport for British rockers in the 1950s and 1960s. Rockers would use them to get from one motorbike meet-up spot to another as quickly as possible, and so they leant toward functionality above all else, removing any unnecessary parts that might lengthen their journey.

Similarly, ‘Bobbers’ were stripped of any unnecessary embellishments, and featured the iconic ‘floating’ seat. That floating seat was designed for comfort and for one person. We believe, with Maeving, riding solo has never looked so good.

Maeving wanted to create an electric motorcycle that uses the best facets of these legendary bikes, but with an aim toward creating something that meets the needs of today’s riders, whilst looking genuinely beautiful.

4. An Intuitive Ride

Maeving is designed to appeal to first-time motorcyclists as well as seasoned veterans of the two-wheel world. Our team designed a bike that handles with ease and feels naturally intuitive to ride. The simple twist-and-go throttle reacts to your hand in a natural-feeling way, making it easy for inexperienced riders to adapt to a new mode of transport.

5. No Chain, No Oil, No Problem

Because the Maeving RM1 doesn’t use a chain or oil, it will need very, very little maintenance. This means you don’t need to factor in the cost of keeping your motorbike in tip-top condition with regular trips to the garage.

Charge on.