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Built in Britain

Britain is at its best when it’s progressive and globally aspirational. That's why we're proud to build all our motorcycles there.

Built in Britain

We build our electric motorcycles in Coventry, the beating heart of the British automotive industry, because we believe there is no better place to call home. Britain is synonymous with motorcycling, and brands such as BSA, Norton, Royal Enfield and Triumph are only the best-known examples of fantastic British motorcycle companies with their roots in the Midlands. Utilizing the nation's industry-leading heritage, world class engineers, excellent componentry and innovative technology, we're proud to build each of our electric motorcycles by hand in Britain.

We Know Heritage

Britain is at its best when it’s progressive and globally aspirational. At its core, we believe Britain can be a wonderful place full of bright, talented people. Importantly for us, Britain also has a rich motorcycling heritage, and one we’re unashamedly tapping into here at Maeving.

The first ever publicly available motorcycle in the UK was manufactured in Coventry, in 1896, by Humber Motorcycles. Since then, Coventry has been the UK’s motorcycling capital, and that’s where we design and manufacture our bikes, building on over 127 years of heritage, culture, and knowhow that’s built into the fabric of the city. Maeving represents a new chapter in the vibrant story of Midlands motorcycling, using the area's proud history and melding it with modern-day technological innovations to become the UK's first electric motorcycle manufacturer. We think progress, both ethically and in design quality, is fundamentally British, and we’re proud to be a part of that. 

Source Local, Think Global

Maeving is pioneering a greener way to enjoy motorbikes without skimping on quality. It’s only logical to harness the exceptional engineers our little corner of the world produces, and so that’s what we do. Our engineering team is genuinely one of the most talent-dense on Earth, with over a hundred years of experience between them. We’re quite literally employing the best in the business whilst supporting local and homegrown talent. 

We don’t just hire locally, we source our materials and parts locally, too. 65% of our componentry comes from British sources — that’s more than any other homologated automotive company in the world. While we aspire one day to build a motorcycle that is 100% British, for some components, such as battery cells and the motor, we would be sacrificing on quality to go for anyone other than LG and Bosch respectively at present.  We source as locally as we can because we’re proud of the high-quality components produced here in the UK, and we only want to use the very best we can. The fact that this also helps to minimise Maeving’s carbon footprint makes it a no-brainer for us.

Classic British Design

As you’ll no doubt notice the first time you take a proper look at a Maeving, we’ve thought hard about every single tiny detail that goes into our electric motorcycles. Britain’s motorcycling heritage is legendary, and we intend not just to match that, but to continue it and to develop it as the world moves into a more environmentally conscious era in automotive history, pioneered by Maeving. The circular LED headlights, the beautiful analogue speedometer, the tidy, clutter-free handlebars and bar-end mirrors, the smooth, brushed aluminum battery casings, and the satisfying lines of the body — perfectly proportioned. They’re elegant and clean with a quality finish, just as a proudly British electric motorcycle should be. We're proud to be taking the best of yesterday on tomorrow's journey.

Charge on.